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It is the new Crucial Service that allows new or existing properties to organize their operation, departments and image to meet the professional standards required by the international market.

Company & Competition Study – We analyze the potential and growth prospects of the business unit, based on its quality characteristics in its operating environment. With the use of modern tools (market search), competition is being studied in order to optimize the strategy of the tourist business.

Pricing Policy – With experience in the Hotel business both in management positions and in sales, the company’s executives can structure the appropriate pricing policy of the business for each type of room and for each period of time.

Channel Setup – Based on the business study, we select the online booking channels that best fit the business unit. The goal is to achieve the best possible visibility and presence on the internet. This is a time-consuming process that needs special attention since it is the first introduction of the tourist accommodation on the Internet, to all our potential customers around the world. Hotel listings in search engines and online bookings must have all the elements such as photos and business texts that will attract the visitor’s interest in making the reservation.

Management Training – By completing the hotel set up program, we give the owner or hotel manager the opportunity to be trained by our experienced executives on online channels so that he can manage his hotel listings, renew the material and manage reservations.

The objectives we set for each property are achieved by the following actions:

  • Marketing & Advertisement
  • Sales planning & selection of online channels
  • Signing of Contracts with Travel Agents

  • Configure the image of the accommodation unit and place it on the market
  • Competition analysis
  • Participation in International Exhibitions
  • Analysis of sales results and financial reports