Apartments represent a different option, a special case of tourist accommodation, which creates income for the Owner, through their short or long term lease. A short-term lease is defined as the lease of property concluded through digital platforms for a specific period of less than one year. However, growing competition, mainly through the online AIRBNB platform, does not allow the Owner to earn the required income. At the same time, taxes on real estate, especially the one called «ENΦΙΑ», in relation to the increasing demand for the tourist market, have pushed the tourist exploitation and have created an “overcrowding” in AIRBNB, resulting in significant decrease of the rental rates and as a final result, very low occupancy.
Our company, having the necessary know-how and experience, undertakes the set up process of a property on the digital platforms that can deliver significantly higher income and especially emphasize the particularities of each apartment through and to the worldwide network. Our experience is the result of the global experience and demand for flats or apartments and allows us to differentiate and achieve significantly higher income which we guarantee.

Our company undertakes the holistic management of your property in Athens and provides high quality services through a network of experienced partners in the fields of maintenance, cleaning and hospitality.
Our goal is always to maximize the income for the owner.

What does Crucial Hospitality do for you?

Collect & Elaborate Information

We collect all the data and elements of your home. Its special features, style, elements, equipment. We investigate the area that lies both in the level of tourist interest, historical value, if any, the type of tourism that gathers and determines (in agreement with you) the pricing policy. The prices are based on consideration of the following factors: a) type of house, b) quality of construction, c) equipment, facilities and amenities provided, d) previous presence and possible reviews on online channels, e) , h) region competition.

Presentation of the property

We compose the text that describes in detail and in a style that approximates your prospective visitors the characteristics of your home. In more detail, the text includes the description of your home, instructions for using your home and any restrictions on available spaces, the home user’s guide and rules of use, the contact and access levels of visitors with the owner or someone else responsible, and the details and ways of communication, a detailed description of the neighborhood in terms of practical issues such as access to supermarkets as well as points of interest of historical, natural and tourist value, ways of accessing the area or available transportation and transportation options.

Professional Photo shooting

If you do not have photos for your home, we arrange a photo shoot for a professional photographer for wide-angle downloads and details of your home. Good photography is one of the most important factors of a listing and that is why Crucial Hospitality offers this service at a low fee and is paid by the amount of your first booking. Photographing takes place either before registration or a few weeks after a meeting and with certain certified large online channels.

Guest Direction

With the data we collect from you and then our own research, we create a personalized home guide that is sent electronically to each visitor before your arrival. The house manual incorporates all the information, accompanied by photos of the spaces of your home that your visitor needs to safely use the spaces of your home and can enjoy an unforgettable stay. There is also an area guide for the neighborhood of your home, the city that is located, as well as tourist attractions, points of particular historical value, points of interest, places of special natural beauty, proposed beaches, caves, walks, restaurants and cafes. anything else that may interest your visitor and is sent to him online.

On Line Channels

Once we have collected all the necessary data (you will be sent a form which you will be asked to fill in to collect the most data we will need) we proceed to registration of your home. Depending on the style of the home and the world where your home is addressed, it is listed in most or all of the following channels: airbnb, 9flats, homeaway, wimdu, flipkey, tripadvisor, holidaylettings, roomorama, onlyapartments, bedycasa, housetrip, flat4day, stopsleepgo

Marketing & Promote

Crucial Hospitality undertakes to monitor your listing daily and promote it to the socialmedia it manages, advertise it through facebooks at its own expense, follow seo tactics to get the best possible place on search queues, synchronize calendars on all channels to avoid duplication and increase its internal scoring on each channel separately

Communication & Quick Response

Crucial Hospitality undertakes to answer all your prospective guest questions in less than a few minutes to an hour. Instant communication is a key factor that determines the location of your home in search queues, hidden channel algorithms while maximizing the likelihood of making reservations. Delay in replies except that it leads to “penalty” from channels, leads to lost reservations. We live in the age of digital speed. We make sure we are quick in our response. Everything that your prospective visitor asks or asks for, Crucial Hospitality, undertakes to find a solution in a reasonable context. From finding a carrental, suggesting locations, answering questions about your home. The satisfaction of your prospective visitor at the first level translates into an increased likelihood of positive reviews after the end ofAt the same time, advice is given for the proper preparation of your home so that the hospitality of your visitors is ideal and your home gathers positive reviews

Promotion of the property

As is automatically understood, our sole concern is the correct visibility, management and service so that we can profit from this activity. If you do not have a profit, we do not have it, since we provide all our services until booking is free of charge. For this reason, a portion of the rate that Crucial Hospitality receives from you in return for the provision of its services after each booking, returns to you again, through the advertisement of your home. Your house is advertised through targeted campaigns to be seen by specific population groups that need to see it on facebooks, twittersyndication, pinterestboards and instagram.

Availability 24/7

Your visitor may need anything at any time. We are constantly available for everything that arises. We are in contact with your visitor in whatever way he desires. Through portal messaging, email, viber / whatsapp, skype or mobile phone to solve any problem it can have with it or with the house.

Check In – Check Out

A member of our team, specially trained, presentable and smiling, awaits your guests for their check-in to guide them to your place. At checkout, we receive the keys and make sure that no damage has been caused to the site. If there is damage, you are informed and coordinated to repair them.

Housekeeping & Linen

A cleaning team visits your home on your behalf and with our own coordination so that after each entry it is in perfect condition. In case you do not want to recommend a cleaning team you can contact us with yours. The basic requirement is clean bedding & towels of high quality, white and cotton, in double sets and with stock. In the linen / towels service we undertake to replace them with clean sets for each new booking and washing / preparing the used for use in next booking.