emarketing services

For Crucial Hospitality, the marketing process is the basis of the sale. That’s why we have set up a broad sales and marketing network with over 3,500 contacts worldwide to shape appropriate marketing and advertising policies in specific market segments.
Crucial provides a complete package of services that focuses on to give a competitive advantage to tourist accommodations, helping in that way to increase their functionality, their repeater customers and their profits.

OUR TARGET is to strengthen the online return of each Property with emphasis in direct sales, through the unlimited online tools and with final goal the profitability.

The first step of our company’s strategic plan to achieve the goal is to capture the “state” of each Property, and in particular

Its position in the Market
Its unique selling points
External factors & environment

With careful analysis of all the data, an action plan will be drawn up, based on the following :

  • The determination of the unique selling points of the property
  • The creation of an optimized website based on the above
  • The development of a strategic content to be included in the “Search
    Engines”, in Google Adwords campaigns, in Social Media
  • The creation of the Property’s clients’ & visitors’ lists
  • Digital Marketing Promotions

Indicative strategies
• Property’s website “friendly” to search engines
• Strengthening of sales promotion through the website of each managed property in order to minimize commissions to third parties
• Creation and administration of targeted “pay per click” campaigns
• Social media marketing
• E-Mail Marketing – Newsletters with attractive offers
• Channel Manager – Will monitor & customize availability/pricing on total electronic systems in order to maximize revenues & rankings as well as minimize the risk of over-selling
• Property’s Website – Our main goal is online sales & an effective website is the key factor in achieving them
• Google AdWords – Helps the site to sell more & enhances the ranking of the owner’s property
• SEO Marketing – Helps the site to sell more & enhances the ranking of the owner’s property

Social Media, beyond Media is also … Social! Therefore, we must not forget that one of the most important elements of success is the interaction with the public and the company’s followers.

Crucial Hospitality’s E-Marketing services include:
Digital Marketing
With our support you can create a complete Digital Marketing strategy that can include: Branding, Online Media Placement, Google Ad Words, Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Blogging.
To achieve your goals, we manage all of your social networks to enhance and promote your brand in the most efficient and effective way.

With your website being your most precious identity, you can only put the weight on creating a remarkable “showcase” that will really pull the world. What makes us stand out is the fact that we are approaching the creation of a website based on two axes. The first is the striking aesthetics and the second the UI & UX, so anyone can easily be navigated to our site and find what is looking for.

Mobile Friendly / Responsive Design
The aesthetic (Template) that will be created will be implemented with the Responsive Web Design technique. It will be a website that can dynamically be adapted to every screen dimension and orientation in the best possible way, in order the best projection to be achieved in a desktop PC, a tablet or a smartphone.
Creating an Effective First Page Communication
The first page of the website will be the visitor’s entry into your company, and its purpose is to present the messages that your company wants to be promoted.
Presentation Portal
New trends in the field of Tourism along with the new era , meet with Traveler Tribes now that are requiring a web presence from the accommodation they will visit. Impressive and user friendly functionality (UI & UX),manageble in the easiest, fastest and most efficient way, always following the safety regulations of your business. The above benefits of the Website are made possible by the Development and Custom Made CMS developed by our company and allowing us to grow without restrictions.
Booking Engine
Crucial provides the most modern booking engine and is flexible in customization to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and dynamics. The booking engine reduces management costs and increases direct bookings to the hotels that are using it. Direct bookings increase your profit margins as you are not burdened with third party fees.
Channel Manager
With a built-in Channel Manager that enables easy and automated management of bookings across all online channels. It updates in real time the booking system for the availability of each room / home to avoid double bookings.
General characteristics
Cloud Based Technology Cloud computing achieves the greater application and high efficiency. Cloud based technology that is supported, helps to increase the competitiveness, profitability and efficiency to each of the enterprise that is using it.
Link with Channel Manager
Multiproperty account support/li>
Interactive Hotel Google Map
Real Time Availability
Real Time Availability
With Octorate Portal, you can zero your OTAs
Channel Manager Interface
Interconnection and support with plenty of booking platforms such as, Airbnb, Expedia, Hotelbeds and more.
Multiproperty account support
Visibility and Multi-accommodation Management in real time.
Credit Card Payment Support
Allow your customers to pay with a credit card through a secure environment and combine the benefits of a digital payment platform and a business operations system.
Interactive Hotel GoogleMap
With the use of modern technologies, the accommodation is presented on the Google Map . We thus deliver the presentation with intense interactivity and offer the possibility of direct booking.
For businesses that want to be distinguished from competition and lead to growth and profitability, we have created the following service packages. Design and construction of a stand-alone hotel website with Online Booking Engine and the ability to add a Reservation Engine to an existing one.

Strong unique presentation on the Internet
Hotel Website
With Development and Custom Made CMS, managing your website can be easier and faster than ever before.
Based on the security and efficiency of your business, we design fully compatible pages with all the devices.
Our goal is a friendly approach to the visitor who will navigate the site by finding what he is looking for and encouraging him to make the reservation.
Basic Site
Proposal addressed to the person who wants his / her own autonomous presence. Includes:
• Design of modern and efficient Design

• Presentation of the site in two languages (eg Greek, English)

• Basic viewing units

• Forms of communication and Google Map

Advanced Site
Proposal addressed to the person who wants his / her own autonomous presence and has a great tourist product.

• Unique aesthetic

• Separate Mobile Site

• Dynamic web site update with In-house developed CMS

• Separate service presentation

• Presentation in 4 languages

• Unique navigation experience

Booking Engine
✓ Autonomous Booking Engine, customized to the capabilities of mobile devices
✓ Implementation in 9 languages

✓ Additional online promotion tools

✓ Can be connected to Channel Manager