Facility Services

We have developed an integrated system of services per branch for Athens and Myconos, aiming the quality cover of specialized needs of businesses.
Providing professionals with years of experience, rich knowledge of their subject of work and passion to achieve results, guarantees the smooth operation of businesses, by taking the role of a united service provider.
At Crucial, we plan, coordinate and implement actions that provide solutions to operational issues, ensuring the contracting business, flexibility and optimization of working practices and rationalization of the maintenance cost, enhancing sustainability and growth prospects. Overall the experience of the facility management service, aims to provide high quality services and solutions tailored to the needs of its customers.

The Advantages
In an era that business operations are being modernized and demand excellent implementation methods, the use of integrated facility management systems is the epitome of perfect functionality. Adopting these practices such as improving efficiency, increase of productivity through minimizing operations costs, will greatly improve the daily functionality of businesses and boosts the employees to increase productivity and in the same time creates solid foundations for growth prospects.
The cleaning of buildings includes all the tasks and actions required to create the necessary hygiene conditions and the good appearance of all spaces. The cleaning services of pour company that is consist of specialized staff. trained in cleaning methodology, with modern equipment and sophisticated tools and materials, are guarantee for hygiene and cleaning of buildings.
The provision of facility management includes the renovation of the areas of a building, through architectural configurations, constructional and decorative solutions. The philosophy, the design and the methodology of Crucial Hospitality changes the way of thinking about shaping and renovating venues, favoring and enhancing decision making. The long-term experience of Crucial’s professional partners and the specialization in renovation projects ensures the best with aesthetic and immediacy.
Crucial offer solutions that satisfies multifunctionality of areas with accuracy at the areas of Attica and Myconos.